• Crown Hill Coins is a great place to purchase coins and currency because everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and the store is conveniently located…Crown Hill Coins is my favorite coin shop…   Christopher B.
  • The brothers always treat me fairly… I have never had a complaint about price or grading, they know what they’re doing… George G.
  • I have been doing business with Crown Hill Coins for over a quarter century. They have always treated me as a special customer and I want to keep coming back because they are honest and trustworthy. I have recommended them to my friends and family…. Ken T.
  • I have found over the course of more than a decade that Crown Hill Coins and Stamps is by far the most honest and friendly…high quality coins, stamps and supplies for the adventurous collector…Albert A.
  • I collected coins as a teenager. My interest was rekindled seven or eight years ago after setting aside the hobby while in college, building a career and starting a family.  I remember the first time walking into Crown Hill Coin and Stamp and purchasing two mint quarters, a beautiful Standing Liberty and  equally nice Barber Quarter. I have been a loyal customer ever since. The knowledge of the staff and quality material offered has been invaluable as my ‘old’ hobby has morphed into a passion. It is my utmost belief and experience that the folks at Crown Hill Coin and Stamp are trustworthy and knowledgeable and fair!…Peter F.
  • In a time where hype has become a buzz word, Crown Hill Coins really delivers the service and sets the standard in customer care….George D.
  • I’ve been in the precious metals/rare coin market for 5 years. When I started I checked out every dealer in the region. Fortunately, I found a dealer I can trust, with knowledge and experience necessary to help me make informed decisions, right in my neighborhood at Crown Hill Stamp & Coin. So if you’re thinking of spending a lot of money on gold or silver bullion, or if you want to buy just one ounce at a time, or even invest in a rare coin that will hold its value in a down metal market, I recommend Crown Hill Stamp & Coin. They’ll give you the time needed to answer all your questions, so you can make the right choices…Dean G. (Ballard)

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