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Address: Phone: Hours:
8343 15th Avenue N.W. Tel: 1-206-789-5363 Sunday & Monday: Closed
Seattle, WA 98117,U.S. Fax: 1-206-782-4299 Tuesday-Friday: 9:30-5:00
North Seattle, Ballard area Saturday: 9:30-3:00


Examining a coin specimen
 Kevin O’Brian, Store Manager

Payment:Your debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard & Discover) are welcomed on  collector coins, supplies, stamps and most other items. There is no Washington sales tax on coins and bullion,  sales tax is collected on all other merchandise. We do not accept personal checks, debit or credit cards  for bullion related items (these are items that are priced at or near the the actual precious metal content).